Juan Ernesto Jaeger is a Santiago photographer. His natural talent for picturing interiors is as big as his passion for wine tasting. 

He pictured Casa Sanfuentes and the Adobe townhouse that hosted Mei Line’s showroom. His fabulous picture taken while the renovation works were still going on became our corporate image.



Didier Cocatrix is a Parisien photographer. Big names in show-business, politics and finance fight to have their portraits taken by this artist, but occasionally he has a bit of fun just shooting portraits of his friends (see « about me »), and their houses, some luck!

His pictures are featured in Renovation of a Mas in Provence



Diana Miller is a London photographer, although she specializes in food photography, her talent covers many other themes, her delicately poetic eye finds beauty in all things.

Diana pictured the Mas in Provence


Alexandre Motte is an artist who lives and works in Dinard, Britttany. You will find quite a few of his paintings throughout the projects featured here as I am very partial to his work.
www.flickr.com/photos/juanjaeger/        didier.cocatrix@wanadoo.fr       www.dianamiller.me.uk        www.alexandremotte.com