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Hong Kong Postcard

Hong Kong Postcard

A long due postcard from Hong Kong…. or looking for the spirit of « In the mood for love », a constant travel in time that hits the most flamboyant modernity          Back home, our Christmas deco is shifting from Chile, to east of France and to the Far East :)…. Merry Christmas and...
Journées du patrimoine: Fort d'Entrecasteaux, Marseille

Journées du patrimoine: Fort d’Entrecasteaux, Marseille

The Fort d’Entrecasteaux is quite emblematic of the fiercely independent Marseille. Built in the XVIIe century by the order of Louis XIV, it was dubbed the worst military design ever by Vauban…. maybe that had something to do with the fact that unlike all of it’s contemporary forts, this one was not built to protect...