In the context of the renovation of a guest bedroom/library/tv room, this design is playing hide-and-seek: the niches allow for art book and sculpture display, while the doors enclose less decorative books, and the tv instalation. The doors hiding the tv (behind the stool on the 2nd picture) are fitted with 180d hinges to allow for visualisation from all angles of the room.


IMG_4448 IMG_4507

With some of the doors opened:


 The Beech wood used to build the niches was varnished with a slight honey stain to match the Lingue wood of the vintage leather armchair (imported from Chile by Mei Line), the wood structure of the Eames stool, and the Pitch Pine revealed by the sanding of the original flooring.


Leaving a cherished antique armoire in place was part of the brief, it’s silhouette offers a nice contrast with the clean lines of the fitted library