The V&A recently inaugurated a room dedicated to furniture, very well displayed, interactive and didactic, it’s a must if you are in London and have an interest.

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 English chair, about 1600-20, stitched cushion


French chair, about 1780-90, stitched edge

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English chair, about 1870, buttoning

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Late Ming or Qing dynasty, 1600-1700, Huali wood, carved.


Chest Lid, Grrece or Turkey, 1600-1700. Walnut carved and water-gilded with some paint. original mirror: glass with mercury-tin amalgam

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Chair with revolving seat, about 1760-70, India (Vishakhapatnam), Hald wood and solid ivory

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Marquetry cabinet, about 1570-1600, Germany (probably Augsburg). Walnut, ash, tropical hardwoods

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Boulle marquetry (modern reproduction with same techniques)

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