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Frescoes in north Italy

Frescoes in north Italy

After attending art history series with the Ecole du Louvre program, I was very keen on discovering the art pieces that were discussed during lectures. Thanks to the passion shared by lecturers, in particular Stefania Tullio Cataldo, it was a whole new way of rediscovering places we had visited years ago. I find frescoes very...
Ali Smith's Ferrara

Ali Smith’s Ferrara

After reading « How to be both », I just had to plan a stop at Ferrara, on Ali Smith’s footpath, if only to visit the Palazzo Schifanoia and see Francesco del Cossa’s frescoes. Unsurprisingly, it was well worth the trip… Palazzo Schifanoia’s frescoes, allegories of months, gods and zodiac signs. The wall by Francesco del Cossa...