Our last trip to Greece dated from the late 80’s, a marvellous time backpacking and island hopping through the Cycladic island…also one of our first « grown up » trips with my boyfriend-husband-to-be…so it was with much emotion that we travel back there to show the marvels of Greece to our children…..and with much relief, we realise that although tourism has progressed, the magic and beauty is still there, and the people are still as nice as ever, notwithstanding the hard times they are going through. We do our best to help the local economy by eating out at small family restaurants, drinking local wine, and renting a house in the lovely village of Megalochoris, not much hardship as far as I am concerned!!

Mansion Sofia in the village of Megalochoris, far, far away from the tourist crowds, is just like in my dreams..with it’s central patio, IMG_4080 IMG_4095  

..and it’s flat roof, perfect for Ouzo time..


 Very hard to edit and choose pictures of Santorini… here are a few…

 DSCF1515 DSCF1524 DSCF1527 DSCF1561 DSCF1609 DSCF1619 DSCF1627 DSCF1634

DSCF1647 DSCF1657 DSCF1664 DSCF1668 DSCF1673  DSCF1773 IMG_3910 IMG_3929 IMG_3945 IMG_4026 IMG_4046


Santorini is well know throughout Greece, and a little bit beyond, for it’s wine. The vines have developed a natural protection against winds and evaporation, they coil up in a nest