Making good use of a long flight connection in Paris by visiting this intimate exhibition at the Chateau de Versaille. See link here:

I was quite intrigued by the idea put forward that 18e century might be a revolution in design as well: that styles like Louis XV and XVI styles could be seen as a novelty means a bit of mental gymnastics but it very true. Learned quite a lot about furniture styles that are now widely represented by Chinese-made caricatures of them, enjoyed the scenography and the lack of crowds, and was very much impressed by the hours of work put into some of the most intricate pieces of furniture presented that demanded a 10 minute video in order to show the extend and complexity of the mechanisms running the hidden drawers, doors, etc… There was also a presentation of Ecole Boulle’s student’s work and it is comforting to see that this tradition is still alive: this level of craftsmanship is one of France’s treasure and should be preserved as such.



Le mobilier Parisien du XVIIe siècle:

Cabinet, André Charles Boulle, 1670


Bureau plat a six pieds, André Charles Boulle, 1715



Les styles Régence et Louis VX (1700-1755) 

Commode de Louis XV a Choisy, Paris, Antoine Robert Gaudreaus, 1744


Commode de Madame de Mailly, Paris, Mathieu Criard, 1742



Commode en porcelaine de Sevres, Paris, Bernard II Vanrisamburg (B.V.R.B), vers 1760


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IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

Canapé a la reine et deux confidentiels mobiles, Nicolas Heurtaut, Paris, vers 1757


Console de lambris, Nicolas Heurtaut, Paris, vers 1758



Le style grec et son evolution


Bureau du roi Louis XV, Jean Francois Oeben et Jean Henri Riesener, Paris, 1760-1769

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Le style Louis XVI

Chaise en leger cabriolet, Francois Toussaint Foliot, Paris vers 1780

IMG_0121 IMG_0122 

Serre-bijoux de Marie-Antoinette, Paris, Ferdinand Schwerdfeger, 1787

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Ongoing work by Ecole Boulle’s students

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