With the Salon, finally comes the summer!!! 


This year, the ethno-chic trends keeps flowing; the omnipresence of green in interior design is becoming overwhelming to my taste, but thankfully, blues (and indigo in particular) are « the new black ».

I welcome the continuing development of hand made porcelain and ceramics by many young designers largely represented in my personal pick of stands, enjoy the show…

Ps: all links are on the pictures


Une irresistible envie de nature…. et de vert! by Muriel Gauthier, stylist at Coté sud

DSCF1960 DSCF1951 

Une sieste en Camargue , by Laurent Passe

DSCF1997 DSCF2005 DSCF1992

Rock the Kasbah, design by Philippe Xerri


DSCF1923 DSCF1922

Imaginaire, escale deco, Aix-en-Provence

Upcycling metallic building materials like those fabulous tin ceiling tiles



Good, design shop, Marseille

DSCF1904 DSCF1914 DSCF1910

Cink, design shop, Aix-en-Provence

DSCF1943 DSCF1928 DSCF1924

La maison Pernoise, design shop, Pernes-les-Fontaines

DSCF1973 DSCF1977

Les Toiles du Large, Les voutes de la Major, Marseille

Recycling sails into home accessories and furniture


Julien Capron

Grandson of Jacotte and Roger Capron, Julien is a ceramist but also a joiner. He renews the familiar tradition of including ceramics into unique pieces of furnitureDSCF2021

Atelier W110

This is a screenshot from their website, as my pic didn’t come out very good.. loved that swing! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.28.05

Myriam Ait Amar

Tactile, delicate and sensual porcelain tableware and vases, gorgeous soft glowing lights… just love it!

DSCF2097 DSCF2093 DSCF2090 DSCF2087 DSCF2086

Sylvie Lorne

Another talented young lady working on porcelain, loved the tall long vases, perfect for red roses 😉

DSCF2038 DSCF2037 DSCF2035

Atelier Buffile, Aix-en-Provence

Historic ceramic workshop at the foot of the Mont Sainte Victoire 





Poterie Ravel, Aubagne

This year again, Christian Lacroix painted a number of ceramic plates for the happy few. In case you don’t speak French, La croix = the cross..



Ravel is also showing the furniture collection Uluru by Jean-Marie Massaud. I spotted it in their shop years ago as one off’s, it’s now on sale here


Arrosoir et persil

Upcycling metal object, fair trade with Zimbabwe, as usual a must for the garden, although I am not quite ready for that big questioning bird…

DSCF2066 DSCF2065 DSCF2055 DSCF2049