The very much awaited opening ceremony of Marseille Provence European capital of culture started in Marseille on Saturday 12 of January 2013, in the evening, with the great clamor, a great shout from the whole population, that was to be heard from several locations through out the town. We went to the opera, were the Traviata was sung from the front steps by the opera’s choir. To be honest around us few were sure enough to really sing the words very loud, but we did our best with the lalalalas… the square in front of the Opera was absolutely packed,  which kept us nice and warm…!



Next were several shows and concerts spreader round town as well, we watched the « Cirque Plume » performance, impressed by the installation above the Cours Estienne d’Orves, a large square, criss-crossed by cables 50 m heigh, hanging from enormous cranes. Here is a peak at the acrobats, before they started their ascent:


Very difficult to picture the artists as they were so high up, but the show was nevertheless wonderful, a symphony of light reflected on the flying white feathers by millions, the huge flying angel, and the walls surrounding the square..





Cirque plume, opening MP 2013 from Meilin on Vimeo.












Final cirque plume opening MP2013 from Meilin on Vimeo.



..the hour long performance felt like 10 minutes, it was well worth the wait!!


Next, back down to the old harbor, to see the water and light show installed in the middle of the harbor that went on through the night






On Sunday, people had a chance to take a peak at the Mucem, the future museum of Mediterranean culture, that is due to open in june. Here is the view when arriving from the St Jean fort, on the slim bridge.




Unfortunately, this was the first grey day in weeks, very annoying timing for photography, but we could still appreciate this stunning architecture that blurs the barriers between indoors and outdoors.






The bridge linking the Fort and the Mucem, the past and present..




MP 2013 has been a great accelerator for infrastructures and renovations in Marseille This particular area feels really special and has to be praised for it’s openness, in terms of public access. Rudy Riccioti, the architect behind the Mucem, designed an entire frontage of glass wall in order to open culture to the outside. The J4 and the Fort St Jean will also allow an open access to the sea that the town of Marseille was missing on that side of the harbor.   


Going back home we encountered the parade coming down the mythic Canebiere and the harbor: a succession of traditional dress from various villages of Provence..



…closing the march was a Camargue manade




Soon some more news about MP2013..