Our Christmas decoration is on Chilean time zone:

Chilean Ceramist Carmen Jerez creates this nativity and the « Tree of live »  on the left is manufactured

in the Araucania region.





The summer Christmas tree..


I designed and edited this tree while living in Chile, were Christmas is in summer, and pine trees look quite out of place with the local lifestyle and ressource. The first one was wrapped in sisal cord, had some ceramic angels and paper stars, it was instantly snaped at the shop, this one is my second try, it is wrapped in red velvet, and has an Ikea red star garland built-in, decorations are simply red glass tears and red wool globes. This one never sold, as I didn’t thought of one tiny detail: it’s storage, it is 2 m heigh, and does take a lot of space, but it is a wonderful souvenir from Mei Line. It is here photographed by my husband Christophe:









Building the metal structure was child’s play for the skilled ironmonger who worked at Mei Line; on the other hand, the meticulous wrapping of the structure with red velvet, made by the delicate hands of Nayarett Larach, took over 50 hours of concentration, it’s only fair to give her credit for that… Merry Christmas Nayi!